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28 Days of Black Facts

Welcome to 28 Days of Black Facts with Tatyana.

Please follow us each day, as we give you Black Facts. Every day for the month of February in honor of our ancestor's fight and long strive for fair treatment in America, we are giving you all their facts, stories, and untold missions, but only on The Tatyana Show.

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 28 Days of Black Facts with Tatyana 

Join me, The Tatyana Show, as we take you on a journey to the past, of Black excellence. All month long in February, we are giving you all facts and unheard stories about the many Black American leaders, game-changers, and entrepreneurs who helped shape a nation. Learn how these many brave men and women not only shook a nation, but they help change the lives of so many people after them.


Sit back, and relax. 

Learn more and grow more, but only on The Tatyana Show